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TCA TrustCorp America

TCA was founded to serve our clients through their current financial advisors and legal counsel. One of the greatest benefits to financial advisors when using TCA is our flexibility. Flexibility in the fact that advisors use their current service provider, whether that’s Schwab, TDAmeritrade, RBC, Fidelity or LPL to name a few.  This allows our clients to add the benefits of a corporate trustee while maintaining the relationship with their existing financial and legal advisors.
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Strategic Relationships

TCA TrustCorp America served as the trust affiliate of Ferris, Baker Watts, Incorporated, a highly regarded regional brokerage firm founded nearly 100 years ago until FBW was acquired by RBC Wealth Management in 2008.  TCA is a preferred provider of trust and related services for RBC Wealth Management serving RBC investment professionals and their clients nationwide.
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