TCA was founded as an “advisor friendly” independent trust company. TCA works with professional financial advisors in nearly every region of the United States. TCA does not compete in any way with any advisor. We do not have an investment department to make or recommend trust investments. That’s why TCA’s business model is unique from our competitors.

To better serve the advisors who work with us, TCA is flexible in working with almost all service providers and trading platforms. So, if you trade through Schwab, TDAmeritrade, Fidelity, LPL, RBC or any other platform, we work with your current business model.

Many trust clients would like to hold non-standard or illiquid Items as assets of their trust. Those non-standard items can include: personal loans, notes and mortgages, real estate (both commercial and residential), pre-IPO stock, private equity, partnerships and business interests. If a current trustee or custodian will not permit illiquid assets to be held in a trust, contact TCA.