The “Offensive” Strategy

TCA has seen account growth through Advisors discovery of existing Trusts established by clients in the past or discover clients are beneficiaries of existing Trusts. Because many community banks which had Trust Department, have been acquired or merged into one of the well know “Big Banks,” clients have experienced reduced customer service, reduced investment performance and increasing fees. Clients who are unhappy with their current Trustee are a great source of new business. Let TCA help you grow your business by transferring those existing Trusts to your service provider with TCA named as Successor-Trustee.

The “Defensive” Strategy

Clients depend on their Financial Advisors to recommend comprehensive plans to meet current and future needs. Many times, a client’s current and future plans involve creating a Trust. The “Defensive” strategy of creating Trusts in the future should ensure a long-term relationship with your clients and their beneficiaries.