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15. How To Reduce or Eliminate Estate Taxes Summary Chart

1. If Married, Use Both Exemptions
Living Trust with Tax Planning
• Uses both spouses’ estate tax exemptions, doubling the amount protected from estate taxes and saving a substantial amount for your loved ones.

2. Remove Assets From Estate
Make Annual Tax-Free Gifts
• Simple, no-cost way to save estate taxes by reducing size of estate
• $15,000 ($30,000 if married) each year per recipient (amount tied to inflation)
• Unlimited gifts to charity and for medical/educational expenses paid to provider

Transfer Life Insurance Policies to Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
• Removes death benefits of existing life insurance policies from estate
• Included in estate if you die within three years of transfer

Qualified Personal Residence Trust
• Removes home from estate at discounted value
• You can continue to live there

Grantor Retained Annuity Trust / Grantor Retained Unitrust
• Removes income-producing assets from estate at discounted value
• You can continue to receive income

Limited Liability Company / Family Limited Partnership
• Lets you start transferring assets to children now to reduce your taxable estate
• Often discounts value of business, farm, real estate or stock
• Can protect the assets from future lawsuits, creditors, spouses
• You keep control

Charitable Remainder Trust
• Converts appreciated asset into lifetime income with no capital gains tax
• Saves estate taxes (asset out of estate) and income taxes (charitable deduction)
• Charity receives trust assets after you die

Charitable Lead Trust
• Removes asset from your estate, saving estate taxes
• Income goes to charity for set time period, then trust assets go to loved ones

3. Buy Life Insurance
Through Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
• Can be inexpensive way to pay estate taxes and/or replace charitable gifts
• Death benefits not included in your estate


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