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7. Tax-Free Gifts

In 2020, federal law lets you give up to $15,000 ($30,000 if married) to as many people as you wish each year. So if you give $15,000 to each of your two children and five grandchildren, you will reduce your estate by $105,000 a year (7 x $15,000), $210,000 if your spouse joins you. This annual gift tax exemption amount is tied to inflation and increases every few years. State laws may differ regarding gift tax.

If you give more than the annual gift tax exemption amount, the excess will be considered a taxable gift and will be applied against your “unified” gift and estate tax exemption (if you use it while you are living, it’s considered a gift tax exemption; if you use it after you die, it’s an estate tax exemption). Charitable gifts are still unlimited. So are gifts for tuition and medical expenses if you give directly to the institution.




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